Using the Google Keyword Planner

photo of magnifying glass over word "keyword".  How to use the keyword plannerThe selection of the right keywords is an important, primary step when writing content to attract visitors to your website.  We all want people to find us on the web and read our content, but to do that we must use words that people are actually searching for. 

For example, you might be considering doing an article on Soteriology.  Being preachers, we know that this is the study of the religious doctrines and theories of salvation.  But, how many people will arrive at your webpage and read your article because they have typed the word “soteriology” into the Google search bar? 

The Google Keyword Planner would probably reveal that the word “soteriology” has a poor (nearly non-existent) search volume while the word “salvation” has a much greater search volume.  Conventional wisdom would then recommend using the word “salvation” as a keyword.  

The Google Keyword Planner was designed to help you research the average search volume of various words.  It is free to use provided you have a Google account (which is free to sign up for).  But, one obvious word of caution:  As much as we would like to use popular search terms in our content, we should never allow this objective to degrade the quality of our content.  We want to use the words that best help us teach those important Bible principles while keeping in mind that alternative words – words which command better search volume – can often be the better choice.

The Keyword Planner is easy to use, but if you are trying it for the first time it could be somewhat challenging.  Here is a video that gives an overview of the Planner (from the Internet Marketer’s perspective), and how to get started.