Welcome to Bateman Web Publishing

david_bateman_web_designer_bateman_web_publishingWelcome to the home of “Bateman Web Publishing”.  Our mission is simple:  We are dedicated to providing quality and affordable web services. Linda (my wife) and I design, host, maintain, and promote websites because we enjoy the art form and challenges of web technology.

Today, a web presence is a MUST to maximize your potential outreach.  Our goal is to make your web marketing objectives EASY and AFFORDABLE, even if you consider yourself “technology challenged”. Many small businesses just don’t have the funds, time, or expertise to devote to web marketing.  This is where we can help.

We have different plans to accommodate how much or how little you want to participate in the month to month maintenance of your website.  We can custom build your own unique design and completely maintain it or, if you prefer a more “hands-on” approach, we can help you set up a WordPress website.  Either way, we will design your website, optimize it, host and maintain it without any contract requirements.    

If the “hands-on” approach is your preference, “WordPress with Coaching” may be your best option.  This is a customizable blogging format which allows you to personally post content to your site as well as engage visitors in an ongoing dialogue.  We will set it up, host it for you, and provide continual coaching to teach you how to log in to your site, add your own content, and promote/ optimize your site for search engine visibility.  When you have questions, just call.  When your modifications are a little more complex than you are comfortable with, we will be glad to take care of them.

Call (850-693-1850), email (david@batemanwebpublishing.com), or Skype us (david.bateman3) anytime with your questions.  If you choose to send us an email, be aware that I use “Spam Arrest” to filter spam from my inbox so you will be asked to confirm you are a real person and not a robot. 🙂 

Be sure to look at some of the websites we have designed and currently host.  You can find the links in the sidebar just to the right under “Portfolio Websites”.   It all begins with a free, custom quote. Thank you for visiting with us today.