Google LOVES WordPress

Most people who surf the net use Google as their search engine.  If you compare the market shares of the major search engines, you will learn that Google is way ahead of the pack with 67%.  They are followed by Bing (16.5%), Yahoo! (12.1%), Ask (2.8%), and finally AOL (1.7%).  These statistics are the reason web developers optimize their sites to make Google happy.  Like it or not, they lead the pack and they make the rules.

So, when Mat Cutts endorses WordPress as solving a “ton of SEO issues”, that ought to get our attention.  Who is Matt Cutts?  Matthew Cutts is a software engineer who leads the webspam team at Google.  In other words, he leads the team that sets Google policy which determines how websites rank.  Like one blogger said, “When Matt Cutts (the face of Google) speaks, all internet marketers, bloggers, web designers, etc. listen.”  Watch and listen: