5 Reasons People Leave Your Website

I found an article that reminds us that it’s not as complicated as we often make it out to be!  We want people not only to FIND us on the web, but, to STAY a while and even BUY something.  Unfortunately, stats confirm that visitors often spend less than one minute viewing a website and then POOF!  They are gone for good.  Why?

Picture of girl frustrated with websiteThe article, written by Joel Black of Black Bear Design, suggests 5 reasons people leave.  I have taken the liberty to append my own comments to each reason he gives.

1.  Cluttered and Confusing Home Page

If visitors can’t figure out the theme of your site quickly, or what to do when they get there, they will leave.  What is the point in having a website that is a technological marvel if it fails to convey your message clearly and quickly?  Good web design equals clarity!

2.  Slow Loading Website

Graphics should be optimized to load quickly.  The days (and excitement) are long gone when we were once content pouring a cup of coffee while we waited in anticipation on an image to slowly appear on our screens.  Slow loading pages are a sign of incompetence.  That isn’t a characteristic you want potential customers associating with your business.

3.  No Compelling Call to Action

A visitor might like your message, but be confused about what to do next.  This, of course, leads to lost conversions.

4.  Irrelevant Information

What is more frustrating than typing a search query into Google, clicking on what appears to be an interesting link, and then finding the content to be completely irrelevant to your search?  This is one reason why Google has “tightened up” in the last few years on the use of keywords by web developers.  By carefully selecting relevant keywords and implementing effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we can ensure that the visitors who find us on the web are glad they did.

5.  Poor First Impression.

Is your website an accurate expression of you and your business?  Does it communicate your level of professionalism?  Expertise? Competence?  Does it accurately reflect your brand?

The bottom line is to project your message professionally and with clarity.  Call me (David Bateman) and let’s talk about your next web project.  850-693-1850

Building Trust in your Business Relationships

Regardless of the nature of our business, we all have one thing in common:  We want to grow it!  Critical to growth and success is “trust”.  Any success we may enjoy will be short-lived if we fail to cultivate trust in our business relationships. This is our goal at Bateman Web Publishing.

I recently ran across this article I would like to share entitled Building Trust in your Business Relationships.  Many of the thoughts expressed are perfect for this season of reflection, as we enter into the new year.  I hope you will find it beneficial and we wish you the very best in 2014.

Welcome to Bateman Web Publishing

david_bateman_web_designer_bateman_web_publishingWelcome to the home of “Bateman Web Publishing”.  Our mission is simple:  We are dedicated to providing quality and affordable web services. Linda (my wife) and I design, host, maintain, and promote websites because we enjoy the art form and challenges of web technology.

Today, a web presence is a MUST to maximize your potential outreach.  Our goal is to make your web marketing objectives EASY and AFFORDABLE, even if you consider yourself “technology challenged”. Many small businesses just don’t have the funds, time, or expertise to devote to web marketing.  This is where we can help.

We have different plans to accommodate how much or how little you want to participate in the month to month maintenance of your website.  We can custom build your own unique design and completely maintain it or, if you prefer a more “hands-on” approach, we can help you set up a WordPress website.  Either way, we will design your website, optimize it, host and maintain it without any contract requirements.    

If the “hands-on” approach is your preference, “WordPress with Coaching” may be your best option.  This is a customizable blogging format which allows you to personally post content to your site as well as engage visitors in an ongoing dialogue.  We will set it up, host it for you, and provide continual coaching to teach you how to log in to your site, add your own content, and promote/ optimize your site for search engine visibility.  When you have questions, just call.  When your modifications are a little more complex than you are comfortable with, we will be glad to take care of them.

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